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Listed below are the current costs associated with the club.

Aircraft: N52633



SHARE OF COSTS: The share of cost or Share Value, is a members initial asset into the club, this helps pay for the original payment on the aircraft and other expenditures. This share of costs can be sold (reimbursed) to a new member once the member leaves the club. However, if the member has payables exceeding this share of cost (90 days), they shall be considered a delinquent member, and any late fees or cost incurred will be deducted from the members Share of Costs, Thereafter, a 2/3 majority vote by directors may expel the member from the club.


MONTHLY DUES: Monthly dues are payable to the club for any fixed costs associated with the aircraft. Such as, Tie Down Fees, Insurance, Etc. 


FLIGHT PER HOUR - WET: The charge per hour, with fuel included, for the aircraft. This is cost associated with operating the aircraft. Such as maintenance, fuel, oil, Etc. 


INSTRUCTION PER HOUR: There are numerous instructors in the club. Many instructors issue there own costs per hour. The average is listed.



The graph below is the plane utilization per month.





Pinellas Pilots Association

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