Touch and Gos in a Cessna Grand Caravan

My good friend Stuart was in town again and he gave me a call and asked when was the last time I flew a Caravan. Since I don’t fly one for a living, he know that the last time I flew one was with him the last time he was in town. So he suggested that we get together and do some touch and goes. That’s not an invitation that should be turned down, so I agreed and met him at the airport.

A quick pre-flight and then we climbed in the plane with me in the pilot seat. After a reminder on how to start the plane, what to look for and why, I started it up and were ready to go. The plan was to do a few touch and goes. While taxiing, we were discussing airspeeds, and stuff when the tower came on and asked us what engine we had in the plane. Stuart told him it was the PT6. We did our runup and taxied on the runway. With 20 degrees of flaps and the breaks on, I started to power up the engine and watch the dials. When we got the engine spooled up where we wanted it, which isn’t full power, I released the breaks and away we went down the runway. Rotated at 70 and started to climb at 90 kts. It felt a little heavy, but not bad for such a big plane. I had to watch my altitude and speed since it wanted to get away from me a little. I got it under control and started the downwind. I wasn’t smooth on the throttle and was struggling with finding the right setting, but I wasn’t set up too bad for my downwind. On the downwind, the tower asked us to make a short approach. I took one look at Stuart and he nodded in agreement, then after I made my radio calls, I looked over at Stuart and he had this grin on his face. He then asked if I minded if he took the landing. Since this is his "toy", how could I refuse, so after giving him the plane I asked if this was going to be a tough landing that he thought I might have trouble doing since I wasn’t used to this plane. He said no, but instead that he was excited and he doesn’t get to do short approaches often and it would be fun. 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We came out of the turn and Stuart put it right down on the runway. Nice landing, then he powered up and took off again, but kept it in ground effect while we picked up speed and when we got to the end of the runway, started to lift off and then gave me the plane back. Stuart was still grinning ear to ear as I turned cross wind, then downwind for our next touch and go. I asked, then Stuart agreed that it was a fun landing. I had fun and I wasn’t even doing the flying. Now on the downwind, the tower again cleared us for the short approach. There were more than a couple of us flying around and he was kind enough to clear us in front of the others in stead of putting us on the long downwind. I agreed and made my radio calls then looked at Stuart and asked if he was going to do it or me. His answer was that I saw it done and it was my turn. I dropped a notch of flaps and turned towards the numbers, still flying a little fast (120 kts), I dropped another notch of flaps and had to push hard on the yolk until I could get the trim in. All this, while now turning final. I felt good, a little fast and still having problems with the throttle and the speed, I put her down and had a great landing. I then slowly powered it up and took off. That was a really fun landing. Stuart said that it was a good landing, which is always nice to hear. Back up, crosswind, then downwind, not a bad setup again. On the downwind for number 3, and again we were cleared for the short approach. By now, this is real fun. I’m still fast on the down wind and having problems getting my power settings right, but that didn’t prevent me from grinning again for another short approach. Now I’m getting the trim in as quick as the flaps are dropping and I’m not fighting it as much, but I’m still having problems with the speed. As I turn final, I am high and fast on this one and land very long. With as slow as I’ve been putting power in, Stuart took control of the throttle and got us up to speed a lot faster than I would have. This downwind, we were surprised to not hear the short approach, but there was already someone on short final. I actually had more of a problem lining up for this "normal" landing than the short approaches I was doing. Still can’t get the power thing right, but with the normal approach I had more time to get it right and came in at a much better speed than the others. Final downwind, we called tower to tell them that this would be a full stop and even though we couldn’t hear or see anyone else in the pattern, we were cleared for the short approach again. I think the tower might have been having as much fun watching it as I was doing it. Came in with some good trim and a little better power control but when I turned final, I was still fast. When I was about to land Stuart told me to hold the nose wheel off the ground as long as possible. So as I put her down on the mains, I kept back pressure and added more and more to keep the nose at the same height for most of the landing. Then I let it drop and I pulled the plane off of 17L at M and taxied to Signature. As we were pulling up, the spot we left from and the chalks were still there. I suggested to Stuart that it would be very cool if he could back the plane in to the old spot. He took the challenge and came within six inches. Not bad for that size plane. We chalked it up, put on the covers and stuff and walked away still grinning from some great fun, still amazed that 4 out of the 5 landings we got to do short approaches. It’s a lot of plane, but handles really well which made the short approaches really fun to do. The turboprop engine is a fun engine, it is a jet after all, but I need a little more time to get used to it. It would be a fun plane to fly often, to fill up with family, friends and toys and go off on an adventure out in the bush landing on a short grass strip. But for now, I’ll just enjoy the flying I’ve been able to do with it and continue to hope for a next time.

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