Arabian Nights in KISM

IMG_8081.JPGWe are really lucky in that we have some really cool places to fly to within an hour or two of our home base. One of those cool places is Kissimee. Ideally when you fly there it will be to switch planes and jump into a P51 Mustang at Crazy Horse. If you are not up for that other cool things to do are Medieval times (get to eat with your hands and watch jousting) or Arabian Nights (another dinner show with lots of horses). I did a trip over there for the Arabian Nights show.

From St Pete ground get VFR clearance to go to the East to KISM with Class Bravo services. Take the CRAFT and head on out. Weather over TPA meant that they vectored us south around the bottom of Albert Whitted. We requested 2100 as the altitude and that worked really well. Above MacDill we were cleared on course KISM and were able to steer around the weather and get to KISM with tons of weather all around. Tampa Departure dropped us around 20 miles from KISM and we just went 1200 until 10 miles out and contacted KISM tower. They asked that we call them 3 miles out and then we came in to land on runway 15. Marathon Aviation has a courtesy car but they can only give it out for an hour at a time. Someone like Mike Kutz may be able to charm them for the car for the evening but I was not able to get that from them so we rented a car. The car ran us $35 but works out a lot cheaper and more convenient than a taxi. A short drive of about 10 minutes got us to the Arabian nights show.

After the show we headed back out to the airport. The FBO was closed so the code 2&4 then 3 got us in the gate and back to the plane. We did a quick preflight and headed out. I called Orlando approach since the tower is down after 9 at KISM. I didn’t get a response from Orlando approach so we just flew VFR out of there on runway 24. We called Signature and told them we would be getting in only at 11:30 and so Tim froom Signature stayed around for us and let us out of the airport. Coming in to TPA I contacted TPA approach on 118.8 at about 30 miles out. They vectored me in over runway 27 and I flew right over the top of TPA. TPA approach dropped me on the far side of TPA and said descend to pattern altitude for PIE and contact 118.3 for airport advisories. I gave them a call and they told me of a departing King Air and negotiated with a UPS A320 for my arrival. I let them know when I was on final and also when I was clear of the active. A relatively painless process.

The trip to KISM is well worthwhile. Make sure you ask Signature to stay on if you are going to be back after 11. You will need to pay Signature 15 an hour for being late, but it was worth it.

This is a good trip and I recommend that you take it anytime you get the chance.

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