OSH Adventure

IMG_9683.jpgEvery pilot dreams of flying into OshKosh at some point. I thought that for me the experience would be this year. I sent out the mail to all my freinds and aquaintences to solicit a copilot for the pilgrimage. I got a taker Craig Petty a coworker from Jabil in Michigan and I volunteered my son, Matt, to join us. We loaded up 7100Q the thursday night and did the preflight and flew out at 5 on Friday morning. We landed outside Atlanta at about 9am and had breakfast with my freind Lori and a freind of hers Jonathan. We stopped at Monroe GA and got to see the town which is a typical Georgia town. We flew out from there and headed out over Tennessee and into Kentucky. A band of weather forced us to ground in Owensboro, KY. There we saw one of the 2 remaining Beech Starships. We did get to tour the town in the Courtesy car. We also saw the worlds biggest Sassafras tree which was a real treat. The ceilings stayed low until noon on Saturday. This meant that we had missed our OshKosh window. Since it was still not clear we rented a car and drove the 70 miles back to Bowling green to see the Corvette Museum. It is definitely worth a visit if you are in the vicinity. It was a great place to drool for a while.

When we returned from Bowling Green to Owensboro we had decent VFR conditions so we flew over to North Carolina to spend the night with a freind of mine Nick in Franklin NC. We landed there a little after dark and had an opportunity to give thanks for the terrain capabilities of my GPS. We did a successfull landing and spent the night in Franklin before heading back to Florida on Sunday. For the return trip we got to flex the capabilities of the GPS in the weather department. We were able to find a hole in the line of weather that went clear across Georgia. The weather capability kept us clear of weather all the way into PIE.

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