Crystal River for Dinner

I did a dinner run up to Crystal River and thought I would blog the trip in case any of all y’all felt inclined to do the same. The trip up is a short one about 35 minutes tho I thew in some Stalls, Steep Turns and slow flight so it took me about an hour. The FBO closes at 7 and you need to get the gate code from them. So plan on getting in before 7pm.

BTW the code at VNC is 531 for the gate near the tiki bar. After landing at Crystal river you can tie down on the ramp and walk straight to the DQ there is a gate right in front of the DQ. A really nice way to do the trip would be to land on the grass and pull the plane up right in front of the DQ. Runway 36 would be a good one to do this.

The flight back is very pretty with all the lights and it is a worthwhile dinner destination. Not quite as good as VNC but still a nice simple trip.

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