Sun n Fun Report

IMG_8079.jpgI took a flight out to Sun n Fun this year. Flying in to an aviation convention is definitely the appropriate thing to do. We flew out to Lakeland straight over the top of 9/27 at Tampa and stayed North of the I4 joining into the flow at 1200 feet above the power station at Lake Parker.

The Notam for the approach is very detailed and easy to follow. We flew in around 11:30 am and had about 7 other planes on the approach with us so it was not too crowded and very manageable. On base to final I was given a spot, my color was orange and I lined up for it on 9L. To my right flying off my wingtip for a landing on 9R was a Crazy Horse P51 Mustang. I put down exactly on the orange spot and high speed taxi to the end of the runway and parking. The parking was almost full. After we were parked and were the plane tied down and covered up we walked to the mobile registration station to register. There was a big pyre of smoke of the threshold of 9R and I was thinking perhaps a warbird went down. We checked with the registration officials and they said it was a car in the parking area. A big relief that it wasn’t a plane. Mostly we walked around looking at the aircraft.

Awesome things:
Dynon EFIS – This is becoming a standard in the panel of all experimentals. They have new version which is twice the size of the old one and it is $200 more than the small version so they are selling like hot cakes.

Corvette Power – A Republic SeaBee was on the flightline with a 405HP Corvette engine in the pusher configuration. It burns 8.5 GPH and looks really good in there.

Sports Planes – There had to be about 20 different vendors of sport planes. A lot of innovation in the design pusher/puller high wing/low wing amphib composite/aluminium.

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