Keep passin’ it along

I had a great flight Saturday (which I will blog later) with Stuart (a good friend of mine and a great flight instructor) and his boss Steve (who runs an airplane transport business), which between the two of them have logged thousands of hours (maybe even tens of thousands) in many aircraft in many countries. I have less than 200 hours, so when Steve told me the plan was to have me be pilot on the first leg in an plane I never flew so I could finish my complex endorsement, I was uneasy. Add to that that I was the smallest person in the group, and the best candidate to sit in the back of the plane, I again felt uneasy, so I decided to gracefully offer to sit in the back and enjoy the ride.

When I spoke up, Steve disagreed and said that there would be no problem with him sitting in the back. He then proceeded to tell me that when he was starting to fly, his instructor would do as much for Steve as he could to “keep passin’ it along”, the “it” being the joy of flying and that Steve should do the same when he finally got in a position to do it. Which in this instance allowed me to finish my complex endorsement for free along with learning more about flying in general.

The more I thought about it after the flight, the more I’ve realized that this is a great motto to live by in everything we love to do. Specifically in the area of flying, it is sharing the great passion we have for flying with other people (pilots and non-pilots alike). And I bet a lot of people do it without even thinking about what they are doing, or how they leave a lasting impression on the people that fly with them.

I know, for instance, that Mark T. will do whatever he can to get every seat on every flight he has full of people. I think he even feels like he failed to some degree if there is an empty seat or there is someone he has to turn away from the flight. This is a great way to keep passin’ it along, and I admire Mark for doing it and I’m sure that if you talked to the people that fly with him, they will remember the trip forever.

I’ve personally had a lot of time and effort passed to me (thank you Stuart as well as others) and I intend to give as much back as I can by continuing to “keep passin’ it along”, and I hope that you will join me as well.

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  1. mtatham says:

    I would love to see a picture of Mike with “his” Cirrus. It should be in here. Congratulations on your endorsements Mike. A good life is about fitting as much life into the hours that you have rather than putting lots of hours in the life that you have. Same with flying, you have relatively low hours but they have all been good hours and you have done some great trips. Thanks for sharing.

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