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OSH Adventure

Friday, August 4th, 2006

IMG_9683.jpgEvery pilot dreams of flying into OshKosh at some point. I thought that for me the experience would be this year. I sent out the mail to all my freinds and aquaintences to solicit a copilot for the pilgrimage. I got a taker Craig Petty a coworker from Jabil in Michigan and I volunteered my son, Matt, to join us. We loaded up 7100Q the thursday night and did the preflight and flew out at 5 on Friday morning. We landed outside Atlanta at about 9am and had breakfast with my freind Lori and a freind of hers Jonathan. We stopped at Monroe GA and got to see the town which is a typical Georgia town. We flew out from there and headed out over Tennessee and into Kentucky. A band of weather forced us to ground in Owensboro, KY. There we saw one of the 2 remaining Beech Starships. We did get to tour the town in the Courtesy car. We also saw the worlds biggest Sassafras tree which was a real treat. The ceilings stayed low until noon on Saturday. This meant that we had missed our OshKosh window. Since it was still not clear we rented a car and drove the 70 miles back to Bowling green to see the Corvette Museum. It is definitely worth a visit if you are in the vicinity. It was a great place to drool for a while.